The Magic of Mathematics: A Journey from Fear to Fascination

Tomoharu Tsutsumi
2 min readSep 17, 2023


Do you find yourself captivated by mathematics? While some eagerly nod in agreement, others might recoil at the very mention of the subject. As a high school student, I too shared this apprehension. The vast array of properties to memorize and my rather intimidating math teacher didn’t help matters. Fast forward to my college days, where passing an exam required a deep dive into the world of mathematics. Is it a plight? Surprisingly, no. I’ve come to relish this study. But what brought about this transformation? How did I go from dread to delight? Let me unravel the secret so that anyone, anywhere, grappling with mathematical anxiety can find solace and success. There are three key strategies to conquer math:

Seek Understanding Over Memorization

The bedrock of mathematical success lies not in rote learning but in comprehension. Many struggle because they memorize formulas without grasping their essence. Take, for instance, the trigonometric identity: sin2θ+cos2θ=1 Merely memorizing it without understanding its derivation is a recipe for disaster. Dive deep. Seek the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’. Transforming math into a puzzle enlivens the learning process, stirring our innate curiosity. Memorization becomes almost effortless once understanding is achieved.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Mastering mathematics demands immersion. Knowing formulas is only half the battle; applying them judiciously is where the real challenge lies. Much like algorithmic quandaries, tackling a variety of math problems refines our skills and instincts. So, roll up those sleeves and immerse yourself in problems. Practice is the beacon that will guide you through the murky waters of math.

Find Your ‘Why’

A pursuit without purpose is like a ship without a compass. Unearth the relevance of math in the world around you. Yes, the sheer joy of solving problems can be exhilarating, but for sustained motivation, seek deeper meaning. In my journey, I realized the intricate bond between mathematics and my passion for software engineering. The former often underpins the latter. Find your link. If you’re skeptical about the role of math in our society, strike a conversation with someone knowledgeable. Their insights might just ignite a spark of curiosity and wonder in you.

In the end, let’s remember: Knowledge is power. It’s an armor shielding us against challenges, a tool to carve our destiny. Mathematics is no exception. So, embrace it, and let the magic unfold.

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